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Facts you need to know about Hot Air Balloons 

Can everyone fly on the balloon?DSC_0676
Flying on the balloon is available for everyone above 12 years old and is taller than the basket, so that he/she could see what is happening out side the basket during flying and landing. 

What kind of weather conditions is safe for a flight?
The main criteria are wind, precipitations and visibility. Wind near the ground cannot exceed 4m/s (14.4km/h), absolutely no precipitations and visibility range more than 10 km.

How long is each flight?
Each flight takes about 40 to 80 minutes, depending on wind speed and availability of proper landing site.

How do balloons fly?
Balloons operate through the basic principles of gravity and hot air weighs less than cold air. As air inside the balloon is heated, it rises. As the air inside the balloon cools, it descends. To inflate the balloon, an inflator fan fills it with cold air, and then the air is heated with the burner(s).

Can we navigate the balloon?
Balloon flies exactly as fast as wind and with the wind direction. However, the altitude can be changed to get to different wind direction. With enough meteorological information and little luck, we can plan flying path completely.

Can we fly from any location?
Theoretically, balloon can start from any area with the size of 20×20 meters. Practically we have to concern about the landing area, which has to be wider than 20×20 meters. Another restriction is air traffic, which is getting heavier and heavier. Therefore, if we get permission from the Department of Civil Aviation we may fly even from your garden.

Is it possible to fly over any place?
Yes, but it has to be on flight path. For example to fly over your house we have to start from point that the wind direction will lead us to it.

Is it possible to fly over the sea?
No, this maneuver is completely forbidden because controlling the balloon over the sea is impossible. We can start near the sea but only if wind blows onshore.

Is special license necessary to fly a hot air balloon?
Yes, anyone can be a hot air balloon pilot. To be a pilot you must get through special theoretical and practical course and pass the test conducted by Council of the Civil Aviation Department.

What equipment is required for balloons?
Balloons include several parts: the envelope (fabric portion of the balloon), the basket, burners and fuel system. The material for balloon envelopes is made of rip stop nylon or polyester with tough, durable coatings for heat and air retention. The basket is usually made of wicker, which is strong, yet flexible and is aesthetically pleasing. Burners are arranged in single, double or triple configurations, and each burner typically puts out 15,000,000 b.t.u.s. Fuel systems consist of aluminum or stainless steel propane tank(s) and fuel hoses.
Other necessary equipment includes an inflator fan, two-way radios and some means of transporting the balloon from location to location when it’s not flying (chase vehicle).

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