World’s Biggest Dragon-shaped hot air balloon

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The team at Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons has once again created a first in ballooning – this time it’s Britain’s largest flying dragon.

The dragon balloon, christened Slick, has been developed for Palletways group, Europe’s market leader in the express distribution of small consignments of palletised freight.

The dragon, which is the only hot air balloon in the UK with a glass bottom ‘basket’ and features a giant pallet on its back, is nearly twice as tall as Guy’s Tower at Warwick Castle, which is 39 metres high and was used by archers to defend the castle and accommodated small cannons during the English Civil War. But it has seen nothing quite like it before, when the world’s biggest hot-air balloon of its kind, a 61ft-tall smoke-breathing dragon, was unveiled in its central courtyard.

The balloon is also taller than an eight-storey building and five elephants standing on each other’s shoulders. It has size 116 feet, a wingspan of 14 metres and a 44-metre-long tail – longer than five double-decker buses parked end to end. Slick  the Palletways Dragon carries 120,000ft of hot air on his delivery pallet – the equivalent to 3400 washing machine size packages.

The dragon is known as Slick to reflect Palletways’ highly professional and seamless national and European express distribution services. The dragon forms the group’s new marketing ‘vehicle’ and will be making appearances across the country over the course of the next year.

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First Ever Balloon Crossing Northpole – New Record Broken


Congratulations to Jean Louis Etienne who flew his Roziere shape balloon across Northpole!

This a first ever balloon flight crossing a distance of 3130km successfully crossing the Arctic Ocean after a flight of 121 hours 30mins on 26 April 2010. The team members of the Generali Arctic Observer expedition specially ordered a hot air balloon which represents a replica of the Rozière balloon.

The balloon is supported by a combination of helium and hot air, like the Breitling Orbiter balloon used on their round-the-world flight by Bertrand Piccard and Brian Jones. The nacelle will be specially designed for a Polar flight.

I truly salute Jean Louis Etienne and his team for embarking this daring expedition to draw the world’s attention to the effects of global warming on the Northpole. *bow bow bow*

Read about the whole expedition journey at