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In advertising, image is everything!

Nothing shouts image like a Hot Air Balloon. No other form of advertising can compete with the burst of colour or the shear size of a Corporate Hot Air Balloon flying in blue sky. An ad in the sky is always a surprise. If it is in the shape of a giant floating product, it is the ultimate surprise. No billboard or TV commercial can get half the attention.

IMG_5853aIMG_0852From mass media to targeted marketing campaigns, a corporate hot air balloon is one of the most effective promotional tools any organization can use in enhancing its overall image.

Attention : Hot Air Balloon draws immediate attention. Nothing shouts image like a Hot Air Balloon.
Impact : Hot Air Balloon creates excitement 
Awareness & Retention : Recall rate for Hot Air Balloon is higher compared to billboard or transit advertising.
• Involvement : Crowd will stop and watch the Hot Air Balloon, take photos and follow where it flies. This is the only media that has consumer interaction. 
• Mobile & Portable Your message can be taken anywhere to be seen locally or internationally.
Source: Cameron Balloons Survey

In addition, you can put the balloon program into your events calendar to maximize your current program potential.

ikea-smalldiscovery3Bigflying cow4 types of advertisement:
• Basket Banner
• Banner Advertising
• Corporate Balloon
• Special Shapes


We will help you conceive, design, construct, and fly your hot air balloon. In addition, we will manage the perfect balloon program, specifically to meet your special needs. The impression it makes for your organization will last forever in the minds of your audience.

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