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Latest News – 15th Jan 2010

We have temporarily stop the balloon adventure / free flight service. Plans are underway to resume service end of 2010. Email for more information.

“If you don’t dream of the possible, the possible never happens.”
~ Christopher Reeve

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The aged human fight against gravity and, the longing dream of all human generations of flying like birds in blue sky. A dream that began a momentum, unstoppable momentum. Ballooners have taken the incentive to manifest this dream three centuries ago. They are the pioneers of space exploration.

Hot air balloon is the first and the most dangerous air ship invented by human. First balloons were flown in XVIII century and even then, pilots were taking passengers on deck. Nowadays, flights are completely safe thanks to technology.

Today everyone can fly in a balloon. In the olden days when balloon flights are still new, only the rich could afford that. Among them, the bravest were chosen and they got for a fly preference form the King himself. First balloon constructors, Montgolfier Brothers have suggested that everyone who flew a balloon was given a knighthood. The king has accepted to honored first daredevils by social prerogative and rewards.

We can exactly define starting and landing time and plan flying airway. Balloon flights in the past were flying to unknown. Today advanced metrological information is so accurate to predict the weather three days in advanced that make passenger flies quite comfortable. Our passengers well informed when there is possible term of flight earlier so they can prepare for it and connect with some other happening. That’s why balloon flight is an excellent birthday or wedding present or contest award.

Because of its properties, balloons provide impressions like no other airship. Any height is possible; in cities, we can fly just over roofs or get to 3000 meters altitude. Extra attraction is low speed (not more than 20 km per hour) which allows us to enjoy bird’s eye view pleasure.

Since 1996, our pilot Bartosz Oberski and his team have take a part in many expeditions and unusual flights. They have flown all over Europe, Middle East and Malaysia. 

If you are interested in taking place in such expeditions, do contact us. In our crew, there always is place for flying hothead who wants to experience unusual adventure at interesting places. 

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